Creator: Krish Gounder

A fresh new take on Material Design iconography. Polycon offers unique, creative and vibrant icons. Spice up your phones home-screen by giving it a fresh and unique look with Polycon.


● 20 High Resolution Wallpapers.
● 800+ QHD icons.
● CMTE support.
● Custom folder icons.
● Custom app drawer icons.
● Server-based icon requesting.
● Custom dashboard design.
● Firebase integration.

Download for Android:
Google Play Direct
Download for Windows:
Direct Alternative
  • How do I apply the icon pack?

    Before you can apply any third-party icon pack, you will need to make sure your launcher supports icon packs.

    Please note, Google Now Launcher does not support icon packs.

  • How do I change a specific icon?

    To change a specific icon, you need to make sure your launcher supports this feature.

    Accessing the edit menu:

    1. Tap & hold down the desired application icon.
    2. A popup should appear showing a few options, select the edit option.
    3. In the edit window, select the current icon, choose your desired icon pack & alternative icon.

  • How do I request icons?

    You can request unthemed icons via the request section within the Polycon application.

    Accessing the request section:

    1. Navigate through your app drawer & open the Polycon app.
    2. Slide out the navigation drawer and select Request icons.
    3. Choose the applications you would like to request, then select the send button & you're done.

  • Can't find your question?

    If you've checked our current set of frequently asked questions & can't find what you're looking for, simply head over to the support section & send us a support ticket. We'll get back to you within 48 hours, if we find your question appropriate we will update our FAQs.